The founder of this organization is Shardae Nicholson. She is currently a student at Central Connecticut State University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a Masters Degree in Higher Education. She has experience with working with children from infants to high school ages developmentally, socially, educationally.

One of the most memorable moments in my elementary school journey was having a teacher named Mrs. Ford, who was patient and continued covering concepts with me until I understood.


She made the time.

She endured my questions.

My comprehension was not just her obligation, but she made it her priority.


I created iTeach because I want to be somebody’s Mrs. Ford.



We provide one on one sessions that seek to access the needs and/or current challenges with our students current educational process.


We demonstrate hands on manipulatives that interact with the student and help them understand concepts by making them relatable. We never want the students we serve to feel incapable of completing an assignment due to their unique learning style.

Grades K-8

Primary location within 50 miles of Middletown, CT

(distances outside the primary can be accomodated with a travel expense.)

1 Hour and 30 minutes per session starting at $75.00

6 week or 12 week session

A portion of these tutoring fees goes towards providing high school students with scholarships yearly to college.


One of Nicholson’s favorite quotes is from the late great educator Rita Pierson:

 “Every child needs a champion, an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.”


We desire for the college process to be stress free as our students transition into their next level of education. Many families aren’t familiar with the college process, so we strive to help guide them through it.

Once students start to receive their acceptance letters to the colleges, we assist in helping students decide which college better suits them academically and financially. We will then help the student with getting accumulated with the college of their choice’s procedures such as student portals, e-mail communications, and deadlines before they start the semester.  

College Choice Selection

College Application Assistance

Financial Aid Application

Campus Visit Assistance

  College Web/Portal Navigation

$50 per individual service

$225 for all services



If it wasn’t for Shardae Nicholson my child would  not be in college right now she went above and beyond. She traveled to my house weekdays and weekends. I had no clue how to go about preparing my son for college. His high school guidance counselor wasn’t any help to me and it was very frustrating but when Shardae stepped into to help all my frustrations changed into peace! I thank you for all you help! My son is now an Eastern Warrior!!!


Once a high school student is selected, you can find out the scholarship recipient here on our website in June of each year.

iTeach Scholarship

One High School Student

Awarded June Each Year

Every student that utilizes iTeach college prep services is automatically entered into the scholarship pool of names to be drawn.



iTeachCT LLC stands for Integral Teaching and Embracing Adolescents through Challenging Horizons. 


Our objective is to help students overcome challenges with english, mathematical concepts and

college application process.



College Prep



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