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Meet Your iTeach

Confidence Coach



 Ms. Shardae

Mother. Student. Leader. Advocate

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Hey Future iTeach Scholars! . My name is Ms. Shardae. One of the most memorable moments in my elementary school journey was having a teacher named Mrs. Ford. Mrs. Ford  was patient and continued covering concepts with me until I understood them.


She made the time.

She endured my questions.

My comprehension was not just her obligation, it was her priority.


I created iTeach because I want to be your Mrs. Ford.

iTeach  stands for Integral Teaching and Embracing Adolescents through Challenging Horizons.


I have taken my own personal struggles with low self esteem, and low confidence, to become an Affirming Coach to my students. 


I believe that all students need to know that they are more than capable of overcoming any challenge they may face in life. I achieve this by  building confidence in my students through affirmation. I practice this daily in my role as a mother to my three children. I look forward to working with you as we meet your educational goals!

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